Double X: Sexing Up Scientists

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Scientists are not famed for their looks or fashion sense. Personally, I love this about science. I work that “get out of performing femininity free!” card for all it’s worth, slouching about in science-themed t-shirts and ratty sneakers as often as I can. But if I want to get in on this next phase of science marketing, apparently I’m going to have to trade the “Evolution Kills” t-shirt for something more befitting a rock star. There’s a movement afoot to sex up science and scientists, and it’s got big advertising dollars behind it.

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2 Responses to Double X: Sexing Up Scientists

  1. jebyrnes says:

    1) We NEED FameLab here. That would be AMAZING! Even if it was a web-only contest with a live finale. Hrm… I also wish nerdnite was in more cities (hello, Santa Barbara?)

    2) You know, perhaps the rock-star comparison is apt for older faculty and such. I mean, generationally, it seems appropriate. But for us, with our ironic science t-shirts, casual-seeming, but planned and culturally set general outfits – fleece & carhartts, or shorts and a hawaiian shirt with flip flops – maybe our generation is, dare I say it, the indie rock hipsters of science? EEEE!!!!

  2. dart says:

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