Introducing your guest blogger for the week

I am going to be gone for the next week on the third and final field trip for my California Ecosystems class. This one is Eastern California – we’re going up through Death Valley, around Yosemite, and down by King’s Canyon. I’ve given up on nature tweeting since time spent typing into my phone is time taken away from snuggling with snakes, but this time I will not leave you alone, gently weeping next to the Oyster’s Garter’s slowly cooling corpse. No, this time you will be entertained and thrilled by a shiny new guest blogger, punk rock scientist and fellow SIO graduate student Kristen Marhaver.

Kristen works on coral reproduction in the Caribbean, and most recently has spent her time there watching coral babies swim around and around and around in little dishes.  She was recently catapulted to scientific rock star fame by starring in San Diego’s Nerd Nite, a show that blends together rock music and science talks into a night of infamy. Kristen’s talk, entitled “How Many Corals Does it take to Screw in a coral reef? Coral sex and why you didn’t really want to be a marine biologist,” literally rocked the Casbah.

Not only is this Kristen’s first foray into the blogosphere, but she is the ONLY PERSON at my illustrious oceanographic institution who has believed my wild-eyed promotion of online science communication. Please comment lots and lots on her posts so a) she doesn’t think that I’m crazy and b) so we can lure this amazing science communicator into the wicked depths of the internet.

I’m going to go pack before I abuse any more adjectives. See you all next week!


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  1. […] (scary?) opportunity to guest blog while she is off exploring Eastern California, and for the introduction asserting that I am both credible and cool. I hope to slowly disappoint readers on both counts as […]

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