Off to Arizona

Things will be quiet around here for the next week unless Eric feels inspired. I’m off to Arizona, sans internet, for the second of three field trips in my Ecosystems class. “But Arizona is not exactly on the ocean!” you cry. Ah, but it was on a vast inland sea in the Cretaceous, and we will be visiting a lovely fossil reef filled with corals and rudists.

As before, I will be attempting to tweet my adventures at @oystersgarter. I was tipped off that I didn’t make a lot of sense on my last attempt, so I will try to do better this time. And of course, the cell coverage might be intermittent.

To the Sonoran Desert!


3 Responses to Off to Arizona

  1. Mel says:

    Have fun! I have many fond memories of fossil-filled field trips there.

    (Uh, hi, you have no idea who I am, but your squid sex article was the most popular reading in my lab for a while.)

  2. Mel – AWESOME. If something I’ve written gets hung next to a Far Side on a lab wall somewhere, I truly have succeeded. 🙂

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