To the outdoors…with Twitter!

This quarter I am enrolled in SIO’s Natural History of Coastal Habitats course, otherwise known as “Famed marine ecologist Dr. Paul Dayton imparts his vast knowledge and incredible sense of nature to 14 lucky students.” This quarter we are also extremely lucky to also be taught by Dr. Dick Norris, geologist by trade and amazing all-around naturalist. I’m headed off for the first of three week-long field trips. This one is to the redwoods, fog, and fearsome sunflower sea stars of the central California coast.

Though the Oyster’s Garter will be quiet for the next week (though Eric has promised to provide some guest posts), @oystersgarter will be where it’s AT. I hooked my Twitter up to my cell phone and will be embarking on my first attempt at nature-tweeting. I’m hoping to pass along some of our discoveries (and tipsy banana slug hunts), but it’s going to be somewhat experimental. I won’t have any internet so you’ll have to tell me how it went when I get back.

To the woods!


3 Responses to To the outdoors…with Twitter!

  1. Karen James says:

    Enjoying your nature tweets!

  2. KaylinQ says:

    Woods, Birds, Twitting… Hmmmm…I know there must be something humorous I could say about the three. Just can’t seem to put it all together. Either way enjoy 😉

  3. […] feels inspired. I’m off to Arizona, sans internet, for the second of three field trips in my Ecosystems class. “But Arizona is not exactly on the ocean!” you cry. Ah, but it was on a vast inland […]

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