Sunday Links: Stuffed Monster Edition

  • Rolling Stone honored 100 People Who Are Changing America, including many scientists. I was particularly taken by #43 – a female theoretical physicist who hypothesizes that  “gravity may be concentrated in a hidden dimension beyond our normal three — in a warped, parallel universe with totally different chemistry.” (Via Chaos Theory.)
  • Rick MacPherson posts about the challenges of bringing real science into the classroom. It all started with an innocuous statistic about oxygen production and ends with ocean educators throwing DOWN. A must-read for people in science outreach.
  • WaterNotes reminds us that feeding wild animals is always, always bad. People who poison baby dolphins, however accidentally, are going to the special hell.

One Response to Sunday Links: Stuffed Monster Edition

  1. Anne says:

    Thank you for your link, and what an honor to be featured on a site like this one. Considering the content here, you might enjoy knowing that last year’s fund-raising project was a ‘Sea Monster’ bath set with the 2nd-3rd graders!

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