Earth Hour tonight, 8:30 PM your time

Tonight is Earth Hour. Last year, more than 50 million people in 400 cities turned out their lights for one hour to show political leaders that they wanted real action on climate change. This year, let’s make it even bigger.

All you have to do is turn off your lights at 8:30 PM your local time and leave them off for 60 minutes. I’ll even be turning off my beloved laptop for some grantwriting with…paper and pencil!!!

I’m perfectly aware that Earth Hour is just a minuscule drop in the giant ocean of worldwide energy use. But even for something as trivial as turning out the lights, seeing the entire world taking collective positive action warms the cockles of my cold dark heart.

Here’s the official Earth hour video if you want something all inspirational. But if I’m going to sit alone in the dark contemplating climate change, I’m going to do it to the dark beats of VNV Nation:


3 Responses to Earth Hour tonight, 8:30 PM your time

  1. Eric says:

    Wow… that is good, true, but so dark, “..Just to make a light…” BARTENDER! HIT ME!

  2. Tony Wildish says:

    that’s an impressive video, and I like the music, but I might need something a little lighter for an hour in the dark myself!

    I found Earth Hour to be an inspiration. It’s easy to think that one more voice won’t make much difference, but seeing just how many people took part, I would have felt negligent if I had not turned off my lights too.

  3. ISAIAS says:

    @kelownagurl A couple of users (early Twitter adopters) encountered such an error. Basically the API call hangs instead of returning data.

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