New kid on the ocean blogging block

[Edit: I forgot to mention that I learned about Oceans4Ever from Jives at the New Blue. Sorry, Jives!]

Posting will continue to be light as I finish up fellowship applications and finals. So…close…yet so far. In the meantime check out the newest kid (literally) on the ocean blogging block – Oceans4Ever. Written by 9-year-old Alexa and her journalist mom Cindy, Oceans4Ever is debuting with a contest to win a fuzzy plush beluga whale.

After you contemplate Alexa as the Future of Teh Internetz, also check out Daniel Brown’s science blogging manifesto.

Over the past few years, a new development has arisen in the world of science amongst those who wish to purvey the wonders of reality to the general public.

I’m speaking of course about the ascension of the Science Blog.

Many articles have been written on the burgeoning importance of science blogs for the processing and dissemination of scientific knowledge (see references at the bottom of this post). Conferences have been held, letters in scientific journals have been published, and a myriad online conversations have occurred through social media outlets such as twitter and friendfeed.

Despite all that, there still exists an incredibly large and significant portion of the science population that remains unaware of the existence of science blogs, of the vast amounts of knowledge to be gained from following them, and of the potential career advantages obtained from writing a science blog.


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