danah boyd on social media

If (like me) you haven’t had time to read danah boyd‘s thesis on social media, check out a talk she gave to Microsoft employees. [Full disclosure: I went to college with danah, though I don’t know her well.] I highly recommend her work for anyone who cares enough about online communication to be reading this blog. I find it really useful in thinking about how to harness online tools for science education and marine conservation.

From danah’s talk:

I’m going to share my research in three acts:
1) How did social media – and social network sites in particular – gain traction in the US? And how should we think about network effects?
2) What are some core differences between how teens leverage social media and how adults engage with these same tools?
3) How is social media reconfiguring social infrastructure and where is all of this going?


2 Responses to danah boyd on social media

  1. Jason R says:

    Thanks. Good stuff. Forwarded to some friends and added her back to my reader.

  2. While I agree with the basics in danah boyd on social media The Oyster’s Garter , I think the positive sentiment around today is a concequence of a politically engineered set of circumstances. The demand for consumer finance is still poor and there is no improvement in the housing market. The developed countries are surviving on their politicians ability to just borrow and spend into their economies which is difficult to maintain. Regards, Virgen Hobart.

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