Carnival of Evolution #9

coebutton1After attending Science Online ’09, I realized how important carnivals are in forming and maintaining online communities. My beloved ocean blogging community is tight-knit partly from being crazed salt-water-soaked biology fiends and partly because Carnival of the Blue gives us a sense of connection.

So I’ve decided to make an effort to participate in more carnivals. This is the first time I’ve entered the Carnival of Evolution. (Of course, my participation was considerably helped along by the charm and oh-so-skillful recruitment of this carnival’s founder, Dr. No-Longer-Pseudonymous Daniel Brown. Who I’m DEVASTATED is not moving to San Diego, by the way.) I’m excited to announce that Carnival of Evolution #9 is now up at Moneduloides.

Next month, the Carnival of Evolution will be hosted here at the Oyster’s Garter in some amusing fashion, though probably not in verse. The submission form is here, or you can just email your entries to theoystersgarter at gmail dot com.


8 Responses to Carnival of Evolution #9

  1. Irradiatus says:

    You rock!

    And your baked goods were amazing.

    And I’m also very very sad no SD for me…

  2. DNLee says:

    okay…I’m seeing a theme in the Carnival graphis..Now the Carnival of Evolution has a nifty one…That’s it, I’m switching lunch room tables…you kids are the coolest.

  3. Irradiatus designed the Evolution & Spineless ones, and Jason designed the Blue one. If the Diversity carnival needs one, I know for a fact that Irradiatus can be bribed!

  4. Irradiatus says:

    In fact, I am so easy that I can be bribed with no more than a kind word.

    (Miriam bribed me with “hamentaschen”, which I can’t say so I call them Jew Pastries)

  5. Irradiatus says:

    Side note: my wife laughed at me and called me racist for saying “Jew Pastries.”

    I still think it sounds hilarious.

    Also, we just learned that hamentaschen means “Hamen’s pockets and Hamen was a very bad man…thanks wikipedia.

  6. I think of hamentaschen more as Jew Cookies, but I don’t judge. 🙂 Yes, Purim is one of the many “They tried to kill but didn’t! Let’s eat!” Jewish holidays. I’m not sure how having one’s hat symbolically eaten for all eternity is a dreadful punishment, but they sure are tasty. (In Israel, they’re called Hamen’s ears. That’s much worse.)

  7. Elise Daniel says:

    Note that the “Jew pastries” manage to include fiber, therefore giving them a medicinal function as well. Sadly, I missed running into any hamentaschen this year in New Hampshire and expect I would have to make it myself in order to have it!

  8. […] Carnival of Evolution #9 « The Oyster's Garter […]

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