Google Search Meme

I like Rick’s new Google-search game!

How many of you bloggers play this game from time to time? Open-up a browser window to Google and enter a string of words (that are NOT your blog title) that still delivers your blog as the top-ranked search result.

These all yield an Oyster’s Garter page as the top result:

“adorable jewish geek marine biologist science blogger”

“zombie oysters”

“trash gyre silliness”

“miriam goldstein is not a lolcat”

And best of all, while the Other 95% may win at “sea squirt porn,” the Oyster’s Garter is WAY more classy with “tunicate erotica.”


2 Responses to Google Search Meme

  1. Re “seasquirt porn” and tunicate erotica” — Looks like we have a trend. is #1 for “reef sexy stuff” and “exotic underwater nudies” (as in ‘nudibranchs’, of course).

    Inverts may be spineless, but they’re not boring!

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