Free astronomically-correct science fiction

Are you annoyed by faster-than-light travel and sound in space? Check out Diamonds in the Sky, a free anthology of astronomically-correct science fiction stories.

Diamonds in the Sky is a collection of astronomy-based science fiction stories edited by Mike Brotherton and funded under his National Science Foundation grant AST 05-07781.  The purpose of the anthology is to provide stories with ample and accurate astronomy spanning a range of topics covered in introductory courses…Contributions include both original stories and reprints from some of the top science fiction writers working today.

Best Broader Impacts idea ever! I’m downloading it right now, and will report back on whether they’re actually good stories.

Now how about some ecologically plausible alien worlds? They can be both an ice planet AND a jungle planet! Or how about psychic dolphins (my personal sci-fi bugaboo) that behave just like real dolphins and ravage a space station Aliens style?

Via Boing Boing


4 Responses to Free astronomically-correct science fiction

  1. Hisly says:

    Psychic dolphins would TOTALLY be featured in my neurologically plausible science fiction stories. This is the best idea ever – too bad I don’t have time to create that story collection for myself. Instead, I’m that annoying person who points out falsehoods in existing media. Like how Justin, in ‘Queer as Folk’ has motor damage on the incorrect side of his body, given where he gets hit on the head during a gay-bashing incident. And, really, Doc Ock’s robotic arms somehow take over his cognitive function? As if.

  2. DNLee says:

    I’m gonna check this out too. But did you hear about this? Sharks attacks down, like the US economy.

  3. DNLee says:

    ooh, this is a perfect link for introducing 2009 The Year of Astronomy (what isn’t 2009 a year of). But in the meantime it is a great way to hook in YoA initiatives like Global SkyWatch in March. Maybe you could join too, from a mariner’s perspective????

    okay, for real, I’m getting back to work now.

  4. Hisly, the world needs us. We must write a terrifying tale of neurologically and behaviorally correct psychic dolphins! I’m as serious as dolphin infanticide!

    DN – Thanks for the shark article. I didn’t know that 2009 was the Year of Astronomy. I’m not a real mariner (I could only navigate by the stars if they operated my GPS) but I’m totally into participating Global SkyWatch!

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