Happy Darwin Day!

It’s the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth! From his discovery of evolution to his love of barnacles, sometimes I just want to tell Darwin how I feel. Fortunately, Something Positive is right there with me:


7 Responses to Happy Darwin Day!

  1. irradiatus says:

    That’s awesome!!

    It’s too bad that Valentine’s Day makes me want to vomit…and go postal on all the pink shit.

  2. DNLee says:

    oh, that’s perfect….I’m at the AAAS meeting and there’s lots of Darwin love in the air….and Darwin lookalikes – no kidding. I’ll be snapping away all weekend and posting my pictures with the gray beard grandpas

  3. irradiatus – Seriously, I feel like I can’t go into a store from October to February. From Christmas Muzak to pink – oh, the pain!

    DN – I’m jealous, sounds like a great meeting! Also, yes, the internet requires photos of you with all the Darwins. Have you seen the beard-growing contest?

  4. […] second thought, I would most certainly give this Valentine’s Day Card to my wife (hat tip to The Oyster’s Garter). Thankfully my wife views the wretched holiday in the same light as I […]

  5. Lyndell says:

    It is perfect! DNL and I loved it. I was at the AAAS conference with her, and I can attest to all the Darwin look-alikes!

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  7. Aurelia says:

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