How I just wasted an hour on Google Ocean

In honor of Darwin’s upcoming 200th birthday, I decided to explore the Galapagos on shiny new Google Earth 5.0 with extra fantastic ocean capability. It is SPECTACULAR – stuffed with videos, blogs, cruises, and photos. So here’s how I wasted an hour exploring. I’m not providing links since it’s more fun to find the sweet sweet procrastination important educational materials yourself.

  • Zoomed into Puerto Ayora, the main town on the island of Santa Cruz. Checked out the Darwin Station and a photo of Lonesome George. Was hoping to find some historical photos to get a handle on growth, but no luck.
  • What’s this red hat symbol? Sacre bleu, a video of Jacques Cousteau diving with marine iguanas in 1971. Bonus sea lion harassment of iguanas!
  • Onto the island of Floreana. Read about critically endangered Floreana coral, with pretty photos.
  • Anchor symbol – oceanographic goodness! An unusually well-written blog about a Woods Hole geographic expedition (on SIO’s R/V Revelle) to explore sunken volcanoes. They’ve got interviews with a huge cross-section of the scientists and crew.
  • Awww, Galapagos penguin chick begging for food off Isla Isabela.
  • I wonder what’s underwater? Swim over to Alvarado Ridge. There need to be some hidden easter-egg-type goodies in the Google Earth deep sea.

For a bonus, check out the largest initials on the planet, carved right into the sea floor!!! That’s the glory of supplying the bathymetry data – DTS/SIO is Dr. David T. Sandwell of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

For more Google Ocean, Peter Etnoyer on Deep Sea News has been playing, too – see here and here and here.


3 Responses to How I just wasted an hour on Google Ocean

  1. jebyrnes says:

    I was bummed there was no Witman filter. Which got me to thinking – there should be some layer out there for marine research sites! If you click on each one, you get a list of authors and pubs. Perhaps even a picture from one of the studies.

    Anyone out there with the skillz? What a cool online repository that would be!

    Of course, there should also be a layer for Bars Where Great Ideas Were Cooked up. Hence, the Bongo Bar in Puerto Ayora really needs a marker! As does the excellently creepy shrine to Darwin with the Boobie on the front (stay tuned to IAC next week!).

  2. I like! Though it would be really amusing to see the dispersal gradients of pubs emanating out from marine labs…

  3. jebyrnes says:

    Actually, that could be quite useful to folk to see where the unexplored study sites in their local area are. Hrm. If only I had the skillz. Or rather, if only I had the time.

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