Carnival of the Blue #21

Carnival of the BlueI. Invocation to the Muse

I sing of arms and of tentacles,
And of the Carnival, who exiled by Fate,
Hurled about endlessly from blog to blog
Has reached the Oyster’s Garter’d shores
Here to found number twenty-one.

O muse! Tell me of the many wonders
Cradled in this sea-tossed carnival.
Of sharks and squirts and of the cuttlefish
Impaled upon the dolphin’s beak.
And death spreading ever outward
From too much carbon in the sky.

II. Conservation

Wallace J. Nichols wanders in the sea.
Encouraging you to get out there.
And Sheril praises Bush’s legacy
Protecting Pacific habitats rare.
I explain ocean acidification short & sweet
A primer for the learning.
James Hrynyshyn says Monaco is too discreet
And acidification’s very concerning.
But Oceana saved some sharks
By keeping them out of makeup
And DN Lee’s shark finning remarks
Are a cause that we should take up.
And David says keep sharks in captivity
If they inspire conservation in you and me.

Climate change is flooding Palau
Carl Safina says wake up now!
And see what climate change hath wrought.
And Ken at Sea Notes wonders
With all the fish diet thunder
Where Madonna’s salmon is caught.

III. Critters

JE Byrnes is a man who loves squirts
But invasive ones cause nature big hurts.
So in order to beat them
He suggests we eat them
Truly, this is just desserts.

Peter Etnoyer found a new coral!
Yippee! He gets science laurels.
But naming Isidella tentaculum
Caused an anxiety attack-ulum,
The wrong name could cause a big quarrel.

Rick MacPherson dines upon morays,
Or at least, describes Roman forays.
It takes guts to be blogging
Recipes calling for flogging.
But feeding morays to kings clearly pays.

Tuibguy writes how dolphins use their rostrums to smash
Cuttlefish open for tasty hash.
Digital Cuttlefish is derisive
And writes a cuttlefish missive
But the dolphins aren’t a bit abashed.

Mark Hall contemplates Andre the Seal
Raised by a doctor to feel
That humans were fun
And swamping boats done
Perhaps Andre got a raw deal?

The purple sandpiper flies south to the sun,
But the tropics it chooses to shun.
10,000 Birds’ Charlie
Photographed them most hardily
Wow. Didn’t that look like fun.

III. Sex and family values

Ed Yong’s three groups of fish
Sup from one genetic dish
And are the nuclear family of one kin.
And Mark Powell’s hydrozoan
Keeps on goin’ and goin’
Using sex to live forever in sin.

IV. Assorted

Mighty ROV
Dr. M sings your praises.
Workhorse of the sea.

Fame and fortune lurk
Beneath Bainbridge Island waves
Mark’s on the front page.

What evil lurks in
The guts of Osedax worms?
These undergrads know.

V. Farewell

I hope you enjoyed the Carnival in verse.
And that mediocre rhymes didn’t upset.
Next month the Carnival of the Blue can be found
At Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets.


31 Responses to Carnival of the Blue #21

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  2. J says:


  3. The Garter posts COB 21 this day,
    In verse, our Miriam leaves nothing left to say,
    A month of Ocean Blogging past points the way,
    And leaves me vexed on how to top this.

  4. Irradiatus says:

    Wow…very well done.
    Color me Impressed Blue.

  5. Holy cow, I can’t believe you pulled that off. Bravo, Miriam!

  6. […] How much verse could a sea squirt squirt if a sea squirt could squirt verse? To find out, head over to Carnival of the Blue #21 which is now available for your consideration over at The Oyster’s Garter. […]

  7. Kevin Z says:

    LMAO! You rock miriam!

    I like the multiple styles of verse used.

  8. Karen James says:

    *wild applause from the peanut gallery*

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m jealous of your creativity.. well done!

  10. […] Carnival of the Blue #21 is up over at The Oyster’s Garter and, as promised, Miriam certainly had something new in mind for the Carnival this month. Ocean blogging at its finest of course, but she’s gone the way of my favorite beluga whales and is seeking out a secondary moniker as a “sea canary”. Not sure what I mean? Check out the Carnival roundup. […]

  11. Thanks, all! So glad you enjoyed!

  12. […] other great reading, check out the Carnival of the Blue #21 (dedicated to the Ocean) at The Oyster’s Garter and the Circus of the Spineless #35 […]

  13. Mike says:

    Miriam, I’m floored. This is an amazing presentation of a great set of posts. Bravo!

  14. […] was a talented and versatile poet? Neither did I until I discovered her Bard-worthy presentation of Carnival of the Blue #21. Dig in! SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Carnival of the Blue #21”, url: […]

  15. […] Carnival of the Blue #21- A really fun poetic turn at The Oyster’s Garter […]

  16. DNLee says:

    This is truly great. My first poetic carnival….I’ve got a few new children’ss cience books, a couple of marine ones….Looking forward to submitting them to upcoming carivals de azul.

  17. anna says:

    only you, darling!

  18. […] If you haven’t been to The Oyster’s Garter, or if you find yourself thinking “what the hell is an oyster’s garter?” then I highly recommend you stroll through your nearest tube over to her place to figure it out for yourself. I particularly enjoyed her recent poetic, lyrical edition of the Carnival of the Blue #21. […]

  19. […] Nice. The image is a classic I’ve never seen before. Awesome. Candy mint for you, MG. Your poetry is […]

  20. […] imagine how Miriam Goldstein of The Oyster’s Garter could top her previous hosting of the Carnival of the Blue #21 in which she waxed lyrical and […]

  21. […] How much verse could a sea squirt squirt if a sea squirt could squirt verse? To find out, head over to Carnival of the Blue #21 which is now available for your consideration at The Oyster’s Garter. […]

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