Who wants to trade a banner for delicious baked goods?

After seeing Glendon’s and Irradiatus‘s fabulous bio-art and Jason’s adorable invertebrate pins at Science Online, and also admiring Deep Sea News’ shiny new banner, I have been overcome with jealousy. I want a banner, too! For the last year and a half, the Oyster’s Garter banners have been little crops of my underwater photos – BORING.  What’s the point of having a ludicrous name if you can’t have a ludicrous banner? We clearly need a be-gartered oyster mascot, but alas, I have no artistic or photoshop talent.

So I propose a trade. If someone out there wants to make an Oyster’s Garter banner, I will mail them their desired combination of homemade baked goods and goodies from the SIO/Birch Aquarium bookstore.

My only request is that the banner be a) awesome and b) family-friendly – no overly bawdy bivalves, please. Any takers?


6 Responses to Who wants to trade a banner for delicious baked goods?

  1. DNLee says:

    I love your banner. It’s great. But best of luck with getting a new one.

  2. Mimi says:

    I’m with DNLee… I think it’s great. You have banner envy, is all.

  3. Irradiatus says:

    If I get some time in between attempts to find a career, I’ll see what I can do…

  4. It’s true! I have banner envy and I’m not ashamed! (Ok, maybe a little ashamed).

    Irradiatus – Do not fret. Career >>> banner for someone else.

  5. Karen James says:

    How ’bout asking Michael McRae the genius behind Digital Cuttlefish‘s amazing banner?

  6. I really loved the post so I used my Digg account to digg it.. haha the one who is posting the comments more please .

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