Science Online: Now in Powerpoint!

[Update 1/22/09: By popular request, my presentation is now up on Slide Share and embedded below. Behold, the power of online science communication!]

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on Science Online ’09 to the SIO Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. I focused on three ways that scientists can use online communication (self-promotion, education, improving diversity) and ended with a quick overview of other neat online science tools.

You can download a PDF of the Powerpoint here. In order to minimize file size and eliminate copyright/privacy worries, I have removed all the photos. It looks pretty bland, but you can get the gist. Here is the presentation, as uploaded onto Slideshare.

Here are the links to demos interspersed throughout the talk:

My marine invertebrate video collection – example of low-commitment resource creation

Miss Baker’s Extreme Biology Class (high school class blog)
Example of Ning private social network (college biology class)
The Synapse – Ning network for biology educators – Compilation of blog entries about peer-reviewed research
Video podcasts on peer-reviewed research created by undergrads

Danielle Lee’s suggestions and list of minority-authored science blogs
Jonathan Tarr’s summary of the race in science discussion

Cool stuff
Open Lab Notebook – example 1, example 2
Journal of Visualized ExperimentsBlood Collection from a Horseshoe Crab
Example of SciVee Pubcast
Example of SciVee PosterCast


7 Responses to Science Online: Now in Powerpoint!

  1. Art says:

    Hey, horseshoe crab blood collection was actually pretty interesting!

  2. Kevin Z says:

    You should put your powerpoint slides up on SlideShare: You can embed them in your blog post a la Youtube videos.

  3. Yup, and put the pictures back in!

  4. Miriam -thanks for the link! And I agree with Kevin and Bora about posting to Slideshare – it really is very convenient.

  5. Tony Wildish says:

    thanks for the slides, they make for interesting reading.

    I see the Science Online wiki has a whole bunch of other interesting stuff too, I guess my reading list just got a whole lot longer!

  6. By popular request, my presentation is up on Slideshare. It’s pretty bare-bones, since it was a very quick & informal presentation, but I hope you all find it helpful.

  7. DNLee says:

    Slideshare!! That’s one amazing application. Now, I have even better ways to share science with my online readers!! bru haha. I love the slide show. Very informative. and a great summary.

    See you around the tidepool.

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