Sunday Links – Crab Hat Edition

  • Dr. Ken Miller, biologist and expert evolution defender, demolished the latest in intelligent design foolishness over at the Loom. It’s published as a three-part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). (As an undergrad, I was a TA for Dr. Miller’s intro biology class, and he actually is this articulate and charming all the time.)
  • Peggy at Biology in Science Fiction compiles scientists’ thoughts about science fiction. (Part 1, Part 2). And Stephanie at Almost Diamonds collects science fiction writers’ feelings about science.
  • Finally, a song about the OTHER worst president ever! Attractive Stupid People features the only president ever to hail from my beloved New Hampshire – Franklin Pierce. (Via Chaos Theory)

Crab hat thanks to Martini-Corona, of course.


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