Win a plush skull

I just can’t stop posting about weird plush. It’s like some kind of a sickness. But courtesy of my new friend Boing Boing come this contest to win an adorable plush skull from designer Lana Crooks.

Although Lana has made plush skulls before (beginning with a piece for Patrick Ma), she’s never had a name for them. Since the skulls are becoming something of a staple in her art, she’s looking for a name for the series. Leave a comment with your suggestion below and you just might win this one-of-a-kind soft skull. The custom (shown above) measures 9″h x 8″w x 10″d. Lana will pick a winner from all comments received by Sunday, January 18th at 12noon PST.  We will announce the winning entry shortly before the next custoMONDAY on 1/19.

If you’ve got a bunch of cash you can also buy her snazzy squid art.


One Response to Win a plush skull

  1. J.P. says:

    A plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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