Planktos turns to copper mining

Planktos, the failed iron fertilization company, is changing its name and turning to copper mining.

Planktos is now negotiating to buy private company Churchill Mining, which owns the rights to acquire and redevelop two copper properties in northeast British Columbia. Planktos then plans to change its name to Lobo Resources and secure $1 million in a private placement.

Perhaps it will be a cutting-edge environmentally responsible mining operation? Or…perhaps not.


3 Responses to Planktos turns to copper mining

  1. DNLee says:

    Hey Miriam. I’ve given you an Uber Amazing Blog Award. Check out the deets:

  2. Martini-Corona says:

    Oh, Planktos. I hope they are naming their new company after the DC Comics character.

  3. Thanks so much, DN!

    And Martini-Corona – I really do envision Planktos as a super-villain zombie-beast. No matter how many time you’ve vanquish it, it just keeps oozing back, slimier and more indestructable than ever.

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