Carnival of the Blue & chanty sing!

Carnival of the BlueA short but extremely sweet Carnival of the Blue is up on the Biomes Blog, home of Daily Kos marine expert Mark H. Check it out!  Carnival of the Blue will at long last be hosted here on the Oyster’s Garter next month, so get your electrons ready.

And if that’s not enough ocean goodness for you, some of your very favorite ocean bloggers will be singing sea chanties Friday evening (Jan 16) at the Science Online conference. Led by Karen James, Kevin Zelnio, the Southern Fried Scientist, and yours truly, there will be lusty, ribald singing and rum – lots and lots of rum. Because that is what ocean science is all about.


6 Responses to Carnival of the Blue & chanty sing!

  1. Kevin Z says:

    Someone has to record a shanty for the U-t00bz! Anyone have a camera?

  2. […] visit the mothersite. Next month’s festivities will be hosted at a blog to be determinedThe Oyster’s Garter. Mark Powell is currently soliciting host for 2009 and if you would like to host a CotB this year, […]

  3. jebyrnes says:

    *is jealous*

    I do hope you all come up with some good invertebrate verses for “Roll Your Leg Over”

    If all the young botryllids were spread on a dock
    Then I’d be a chiton and graze down to rock!

    (well, that’s a clean one, but…)

    Singin’ Bell Bottom Jellyfish
    Stingers o’ Navy Blue,
    Let ’em float the currents
    Like their daddy used to do!

  4. There must be more oceanic people at SO’09! Mark Powell, Rick McPhearson, Sheril Kisrhenbaum, check the list of registered people – there are some Sea Grant folks on there as well.

  5. Oh, yes, Bora – we were hoping they would all come. And anyone else who wants to sing & drink, too!

  6. dart tipps says:

    I could bear ever apprehended why being has dealt so qualifierly with this event. Now open up to me full circulate. Truly interesting your thesis. Although my West Germanic is not so expert, your blogpost I can understand. Hold over up the Sun.

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