My holiday present to you

My collection of marine invertebrate videos, proven to wow high school students, is now online! It’s organized by phylum, common name, action, feeding type, and location. Please enjoy, spineless brethren!

It’s a bit incomplete since I only teach half the phyla, but I’m going to keep on adding videos as I come across them. Suggestions for must-have videos or for better organization are most welcome.


4 Responses to My holiday present to you

  1. Karen James says:

    Excellent! I’m sure if I’d had you as a teacher I’d have stayed away from the fruit flies that still haunt my dreams.

  2. Southern Fried Scientist says:

    Wow, what an awesome collection. My Marine Invert class is going to love these. Thanks!

  3. Karen – They must have been traumatic indeed, to drive you away from heterotrophs altogether!

    SFS – Excellent! That was exactly what I’d hoped for! (Traumatized undergrads with a lifelong fear of cone snails, that is.)

  4. Liza says:

    The videos are great! The brittle stars off of Anacapa were quite mesmerizing…

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