In honor of Cephalopodmas

Since December 22nd is Cephalopodmas, the day in which we honor all cephalopods, I give you these delightful tidbits.

Octopus can recognize food and threats on TV, yet (like most creatures who consume too much pop culture) they lack distinctive personalities.

Her [the researcher’s] unsettling news for Christmas revellers preparing to tuck into seafood platters is that octopuses can watch television and understand at least some of what they see. Discriminating viewers, however, they enjoy only high-definition programs.

If octopus can be lured into complacency with reruns of “Blue Planet” and “SeaQuest DSV,”  our plan for world domination with trained attack-cuttlefish may not be as successful as the pilot study suggested. Curse you, fickle cephalopods!

Thanks to Martini-Corona and dad of Martini-Corona for the tv-addicted octopus. And thanks to Anna and Greg for the violent cuttlefish.


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