Sunday Links: Monday Edition

I’ve been a shocking Sunday Links slacker. Obsessively reading the last three books in the Dark Tower series is NOT a legit excuse…or is it? Anyway, here’s a Sunday Links double-header to make up for the last two weeks.

  • Looking for oceanic gifts? The Deep Sea News lads have been counting down to some obscure winter festival with sweet marine swag. Or how about a book featuring adorable little lobsters stealing salt water taffy?
  • The winners of Project AWARE and Sea Web’s depressing photo contest were announced. Drowned sea lion for the win – though the sea lion photo is really a victory, since it helped inspire legislation to ban gill nets in the Channel Islands. (Previously)
  • CNN eliminated its science coverage. Should the media force-feed the public their vegetables, or should they just give us the news we want? (Hint: the reason that the BBC has excellent science reporting is that it’s not supported by advertisers…
  • A tourist ship sank in Antarctica – again. With increasing tourist traffic, more work needs to be done to prevent a human and environmental tragedy.
  • Aetiology reports on Ebola found in pigs in the Philippines – an airborne strain!
  • The Onion appreciates the incredible hotness of short Jewish women with an interest in theater. Though really, short Jewish women with an interest in science is where it’s AT.

Unable to deny his physical attraction to them any longer, Simms said that all a woman needed to turn him on was to be a member of God’s chosen people and struggle to reach her kitchen cupboards.

Modern Mizvot has a somewhat more serious take. Also, Seinfeld in Yiddish, the way it was meant to be.


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