Global warming is ever so fashionable, dahling

After gorging on whitefish and lox at Barney Greengrass (the shifting baselines of Ashkenazic Jewish food is a post for another time…) and loading up with babka and rugelach and rye bread at Zabar’s, we ambled across the park and down Fifth Avenue to see the holiday windows, expecting the usual shiny baubles and incomprehensible fashions.

What I did NOT expect was Bergdorf Goodman’s bizarre combination of expensive menswear and stuffed polar animals. I couldn’t tell if they were real taxidermy or not – I’m used to my taxidermy being, erm, less well dressed. Was it a clever commentary on the fashion for caring about global warming? (Broadway IS trying to go green, after all.) A tone-deaf use of endangered species? Strange homage to the ancient Egyptian gods? I have no idea, but I tend to feel nothing but confusion about fashionable things anyway. What do you think?

Hollister Hovey has more photos here, along with a dead coral bonus from the women’s store across the street.


2 Responses to Global warming is ever so fashionable, dahling

  1. Greg says:

    I bet you could call them and ask.

  2. Ah, but that would be too much like REAL reporting. 🙂

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