Sunday Links

  • Deep Sea News on deep sea evolution: Divemaster Craig explains what wood, whale skeletons, and hydrothermal vents have a in common (hint: They all have big mussels.) And Kevin contemplates the morality of bone-devouring zombie worms – do they in fact “exist in an incestuous pagan orgy meant to summon Cthulhu from the deepest abyss of the ocean to swallow whole all of mankind in fiery tentacles of Armageddon”? (Hint: alas, no.)
  • Chris Mooney reports back from the first joint science ‘n’ Hollywood conference. I was sad to learn that no one was blasted with lasers.
  • Alas, a Blog connects geology, slavery, and recent political history – check out the connection between the ancient Bay of Tennesee and Democratic voters.
  • Science Blogs is hosting an expert-written science blog on stem cells, cloning, biodefense, and genetically modified organisms. Interestingly, it’s sponsored by biotech company Invitrogen, though apparently Invitrogen has no editorial control.

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