Sunday Links & oyster contest update

Alas, I did not win the Marx Foods oyster contest. I was beat by an oyster-loving kid – apparently satirical radio plays (pants or no pants) got nothing on that lil punim. Thanks to Justin from Marx Foods for his generous offer to donate to Olympia oyster restoration!

Now onto Sunday links:

  • Ed Yong from Not Exactly Rocket Science has a great post explaining how pesticides lead to more frog parasites.

Jason Rohr and colleagues from the University of Florida found that atrazine exposes the frogs to larger hordes of parasites. The pesticide encourages the growth of algae that is eaten by snails. They are host to parasitic worms called trematodes (flukes), which use snails as a transit station for their journey into the bodies of frogs. More atrazine means more algae, more snails, more parasites and sicker frogs.

For more on the nastiness of atrazine, check out the work of Dr. Tyrone Hayes. (Full disclosure: I met him when I invited him down to SIO to give a talk, and think he is awesome.) In a study funded by atrazine’s manufacturer Syngenta, he found that atrazine caused genital abnormalities and severe hermaphroditism in frogs. Syngenta subsequently tried to buy him off, bury his results, and discredit him.

  • Where do coral diseases originate? John Bruno from Climate Shifts explains where a sea fan fungus DOESN’T come from. (Hint: Not African dust, not from runoff.)
  • Giant vinyl yeti! (Though okay, it’s only 9.5″ tall and it costs $90 and is sold out anyway.) But giant vinyl yeti with a torch! Via Boing Boing.


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