I’m going to call a group of sexy zombies a “slouch.”

It’s midterm time, which means that instead of actual science, The Oyster’s Garter brings you the very latest in sexy zombie paraphernalia. No, I can’t believe that four different sexy-zombie-related links came my way in a single week, either.

  • Feeling unprepared for the zombie apocalypse? Zombie Tools is selling actual sharp weapons designed to slay the undead. And anyone still pining for Faith will find comfort in an entire photo gallery of hot goth girls slaying zombies. (Via Chaos Theory)
  • You, too, can be zombie cheesecake with this sexy zombie nurse costume. Or perhaps you’d prefer to be a sexy zombie fairy? I need to stop now or my brain will explode, and then the zombies will eat it.

6 Responses to I’m going to call a group of sexy zombies a “slouch.”

  1. J.P. says:

    The only (in my personal view) positive thing in relation to the above subject is the band The Zombies.

  2. Kevin Z says:

    Urban Bone Machete, Mark II. WANT!

  3. Anonymous says:

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