“She knows. She’s programmed. And she’s ready.”

Another entry for Karen’s Scientist Pin-Up contest. Though this 1967 ad for cigarettes features a lab technician, not a scientist (everyone knows that being a PI leads to a wandering womb), she is wearing glasses and a white coat. But with that blank stare, she doesn’t look brainy, she looks like she wants BRAAIIIIINS.


Underneath that pocket of pencils there beats the heart of a digital computer. This girl has already catalogued and cross-indexed the Tiparillo slim, elegant shape. And the neat, white tip. She knows that there are two Tiparillos. Regular, for a mild smoke. Or new Tiparillo M with menthol, for a cold smoke. She knows. She’s programmed. And she’s ready. But how about you? Which Tiparillo are you going to offer? Or are you just going to stand there and stare at her pencils?


Via Sociological Images.


7 Responses to “She knows. She’s programmed. And she’s ready.”

  1. Tom Brandt says:

    Gee! Don’t you just love this old sexist stuff?!?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Wow, that’s a little risqué, isn’t it? Was that in Playboy?

  3. J.P. says:

    You’re just jealous of them pencils!

  4. Kirsten – I couldn’t find the source, but it must have been. I can’t really imagine that in Life.

    JP – Nah, I’ve got plenty of my own pencils!

  5. Peter Mc says:

    No, she works in a histology lab diagnosing mouth and lung cancers, so she’s going to tell you to shove your Tiparillos up your ass. Sideways.

  6. Karen James says:

    Shoving Tiparillos up one’s ass seems just as likely to cause cancer as shoving them down one’s lung. Oh, and thanks for the entry, Miriam. I’ve posted a new one too, here.

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