Two votes, a countdown, and a contest!

Since sitting here quietly starving repenting satiated isn’t generating a whole lot of content, please enjoy the excellence of other corners of ocean-blogging-land.

  • Vote for the Freakiest Fish at Oceana. I rather love (though am not scared by) the Googly-Eyed Glass Squid. Cephalopower!
  • And, best of all, the AAAS Dance Your PhD contest returns for a second year! Winners will have their research choreographed and danced by professionals! This year, I want to see some marine biologists bring it.

4 Responses to Two votes, a countdown, and a contest!

  1. i think somebody’s gonna deserve a special nosh box delivery from zabars!

    that is if you’re fully atoned!
    consider it a post kippur, house-warming treat…

  2. Sam says:

    Salmon ’08!

    (My li’l New England heart did feel a little guilty not voting for cod, but… sorry, it’s just not as tasty.)

    Also, Dance Your PhD? I ❤ the internet!

  3. Rick, you can’t tease me like that! The drool is NOT good for my keyboard.

    Sam – Think we can get Dr. JE Byrnes to enter the dance contest? Because he needs to. And I voted for shrimp, because I’ll do anything to not feel guilty over nibbling their tiny delicious bodies.

  4. Erm, Yom Kippur atonement =/ shrimp. JUDAISM FAIL.

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