Sunday Links

  • The Beagle Project explains how a shipwreck caused an invasive species takeover of a coral reef. Oh, so adding so iron (Planktos!) and artificial surfaces (Greenpeace!) isn’t necessarily good for ecosystems, mmkay?

4 Responses to Sunday Links

  1. Charlie says:

    Miriam, thanks for publicising the Sharpe’s Longclaw project – and thanks for donating! It IS exciting that blogs can get accepted into this kind of role, and we’re certainly planning to make this kind of small-scale, community-based conservation project a feature of 10,000 Birds.
    All the best

  2. Pepijn says:

    PLURLP really does have a lot in common with JARPA. Already my girlfriend, who feels she co-owns the cat population, objects to innocent scientific lethal sampling. Maybe a moratorium on all lethal kitty sampling is a good idea for now, just to keep the peace and all.. 😀

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