We’re ba-ack!

We’re back! Many many thanks to Jives for his excellent guest blogging – mmmmm, chocolate right whale. Our hike was awesome and featured a minor bear attack, a blister so large that it was named Bubo, and an extremely fetching marmot. Regularly scheduled blogging shall resume when we’re a bit more dug out from stacks of accumulated work. In the meantime, here’s tiny Eric and tiny Miriam atop Half Dome.


4 Responses to We’re ba-ack!

  1. jivesofthenewblue says:

    You made it back, even though you obviously tempted fate by standing on a loose pile of shingle 3,000 miles high.

    Way to push the envelope.

  2. eheupel says:

    Wow! Welcome back.. hope to see more on Bubo and the bear soon!

    I look at that and see that one piece right under the one you’re on… what’s that game where you try and keep the structure standing while pulling blocks out?

  3. jivesofthenewblue says:


    You both played Jenga with your lives.

  4. Jives, it was only 5,000 feet high! Pshaw!

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