Mmmm. Chocolate Right Whale.

Do you remember that one really cool teacher you had in school?

It looks like Bill McWeeny is that teacher for two burgeoning whale biologists in Lubec, Maine. They’re visiting the North Atlantic Research Program’s field station. Not only have these two middle schoolers been impressed into photographing and identifying right whale individuals in the Bay of Fundy … they’re also making (brace yourself) chocolate right whales.

There are only 400 left ... but this is really tempting.

There are only 400 left ... but this is really tempting.

(Full description of the project as well projects Bill does with his students is here.)

I don’t want to oversell this, but here we go: THIS IS GENIUS!! People love chocolate. If people associate right whales with chocolate, it will create an unstoppable avalanche of conservation policy. (Think of the possibilities … chocolate condors, chocolate spotted owls, chocolate piping plovers …)

Plus, this chocolate whale is modeled after the actual collosity patterns of a real right whale individual! I’ve asked the team to post a side by side comparisons of the whale with the model.

I just hope they haven’t eaten it already…


2 Responses to Mmmm. Chocolate Right Whale.

  1. Pepijn says:

    I’m so glad you’re not overselling this 😀

    Seriously awesome idea. Especially great as I’m already helping out some high-school-teacher friends with an “ocean project”, this can be a nice extra activity that will surely gain the students -13yr olds- attention 🙂

  2. jivesofthenewblue says:

    If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Bill. His email is in his profile, and he knows a thing or two about ocean projects.

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