The Genius of Charles Darwin

Eric and I have been spending our evenings watching Mad Men – the take-home message of which is “OMG I’m SO GLAD that it’s not 1960!!!” If only we were fortunate enough to live in the UK, where we could both get decent Indian food and watch The Genius of Charles Darwin narrated by Richard Dawkins.

The Genius of Charles Darwin is a three-part series, part two of which was broadcast last night. (Alas, only on British Channel 4). In Part 1, Dawkins retraced Darwin’s scientific footsteps through Britain and South America. In Part 2, Dawkins examines human evolution and the implications of natural selection for human behavior. And in Part 3, yet to be broadcast, Dawkins will look at why religious people feel threatened by evolution.

Though people outside the UK can’t get the broadcast, the noble Beagle Project is on the case. They’re liveblogging the broadcasts and compiling media and blog reactions. Peter was kind enough to email me some video clips, but my blogular slackosity means that they are now unavailable. However, Channel 4 has posted a few samples here.

Part 1 liveblog

Part 1 reactions

Part 2 liveblog. Highlight: “Darwin realized that evolution was about attracting mates.   He’s now standing next to a busker in his underpants. In America.”


2 Responses to The Genius of Charles Darwin

  1. Hao Ye says:

    I think there are a few decent Indian restaurants in the SD area. Kirk has some posts on them here.

    The Dawkins bit in Doctor Who was pretty great, too, for its somewhat subtle homage to scientists and their realistic observations of nature as opposed to the general population’s sometimes biased views. The whole bit seemed to mirror the heliocentric/geocentric controversy, albeit compressed to 30 seconds.

  2. I haven’t seen the current season of Doctor Who yet (waiting for the DVDs) but I’m looking forward to the Dawkins bit. I’m not the biggest Dawkins fan, but it’s just so amusing that he’s married to Lalla Ward.

    Mmmmm-yoso led me to the best Peking duck in all the land, so I trust in Kirk. 🙂

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