Sexy hot science blog seeks clever, funny guest blogger

Dear readers,

I am an attractive, amusing science blog with a regular readership and naughty underthings. You’d think that would be enough to keep my writers faithful. But NO. Just being a cute little blog isn’t enough these days! Miriam and Eric are leaving me for a whole week to go backpack the northern section of the John Muir Trail. Sure, the JMT has stunning views, crystal-clear lakes, and gorgeous mountains – but what if something GOES WRONG ON THE INTERNET??? I will be all alone, without a single post to enliven my sad and derelict RSS feed.

That’s why I’m asking you, dear readers, if any of you will save me from the unspeakable fate of 8 days without an update. Have you been toying with the idea of science blogging and want a no-risk trial? Do you have a burning need to share obscure molluscan sexual practices and your theory that the Cylons are actually zombies in disguise? Or would you rather write about snazzy cutting-edge technology that will a) save; b) doom the world? I am the place for you.

I like holding tentacles during scary movies, long walks on the rocky intertidal, and spawning under the full moon. I’m not so into atheism or framing, since they are much written of elsewhere and I want to feel speshul. If you’re interested in giving me love for a week, write theoystersgarter at gmail.

Hugs and gametes,

The Oyster’s Garter

I couldnt resist...
I couldn’t resist using this pic…it’s from this highly amusing book.

2 Responses to Sexy hot science blog seeks clever, funny guest blogger

  1. Pepijn says:

    You poor lill blog 😦

  2. Jives says:

    I have volunteered to help out!

    I can’t possibly live up to the sexiness, but I do occasionally wear garters.

    And there’s some shark research sitting on my desk that I can’t wait to share with you guys 🙂

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