Intertidal staycation!

I’m a New Englander through and through – if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not REAL weather – but I have to admit that the diverse, beautiful Pacific tidepools are waaaay better than their poor species-challenged Atlantic counterparts. (They still smell wrong, though. I miss the smell of Ascophyllum in the morning.) When I eventually move back, I expect to pine away for the nudibranchs and octopus so common in southern California.

Fortunately, J.J. Newman has my back. As a final project for her master’s degree at the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (full disclosure: I am a CMBC fellow), she created this gorgeous webpage about the intertidal zone in San Diego and filled it with her own stunning photos of the local critters. Here’s some of my favorites:

J.J. also includes photos of the intertidal habitats (scroll down), human impacts, and even visting directions. Best of all, she provides clear, specific tidepooling etiquette so that visitors can learn how to reduce trampling and resist the urge to take hermit crabs home in a bucket. I hope more people find her website (and that she eventually digs it out from the CMBC website and hosts it somewhere more prominent) so that San Diego’s amazing tidepools will be appreciated and cared for.


4 Responses to Intertidal staycation!

  1. eric says:

    Really nice website! Makes me so miss the west coast!


  2. Jim Lemire says:

    As for New England weather, I’m with you Miriam – what’s the point of going to the beach unless it’s 45 degrees out, raining, and blustery?!

  3. Martini-Corona says:

    Intertidal Staycation is my new band.

  4. Eric – Oh, yes, I would (will) give up even the finest of nudibranchs to return to my native heath. I pine for trees and running water and my beloved White Mountains.

    Jim – YES. Make scientist strong like ox. (Though when I moved to RI from NH, I thought RI was SO WARM.)

    Martini-Corona – Subway Goat lives.

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