They think only business travelers will use WiFi on the airplanes? HAHAHAHAH!

Raise your hand if you’re pay $12.95 for Inernet on Delta Airlines for a 3+ hour flight…uh-huh. Just as I thought: Unanimous.

Sometime in the middle of next year, Delta will offer WiFi using the the same wavelength  that no one ever used for air phones. They’ll charge $9.95 for a flight under 3 hours, $12.95 for more than that. I’m not totally sure about the short flights, but it wil be the rare long flight I won’t cough up the 13 bucks for service. On the NPR story I heard about this today (Day to Day, I think) the reporter quoted someone who seemed to think this would mostly be for business travelers. This analyst clearly has no idea how strong is the need for Internet, and how boring are the planes. I just hope the airline WiFi has capacity for every single passenger surfing the Internet simultaneously. They think passengers get rowdy when we’re sitting on the tarmac for three hours? Wait till I lose a game of online chess because we hit turbulence!


2 Responses to They think only business travelers will use WiFi on the airplanes? HAHAHAHAH!

  1. Martini-Corona says:

    Hm, I disagree about “every single passenger.” I have a laptop but rarely take it on plane trips with me (because most of my plane trips are to home, where computer is available, or vacation, where internet use takes up valuable Doing Stuff time). Even when I do take it on trips, I don’t bother pulling it out to play FreeCell or whatever. I end up napping or reading a book. I certainly wouldn’t pay $10 for a 3-hour flight unless I really needed to look something up during the flight, like about my destination.

  2. Eric Wolff says:

    I concede to using some hyperbole in my post, but i ahve to say, every time I go to the airport, I see more laptops at the gate. people use their computers for all kinds of entertainment. While it’s rarely worth the $15 daily charger for a two hour layover at the airport, I think a lot of people are going to spend $13 for a 5.5 hour cross-country flight. As we all know, nothing makes the time go away like the internet.

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