It’s a bit like space invaders, but with seagulls…and poop.

The World Wildlife Fund has decided that video games make for a fine educational tool – and hey, who am I to disagree?  Try Switch ’em off, in which the player must turn off coal burning electric plants before global warming melts the ice floes in the arctic (We’ll leave side the implied population now living in the dark.) And I enjoyed Toxic Blaster, in which the player, inside a tiny little spaceship, must fly into a polar bear, some beluga whales, and then a person, to destroy all the nasty chemicals they’ve absorbed just by living in the modern world (watch the full animation before each level  so you can understand just how the tiny spaceship gets inside the animal.) The games are surprisingly fun, but really my favorite had to be the Space Invaders-like game, The Seagull Strikes Back. I mean, c’mon — “Poop Supply” is a crucial resource.


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