Job opportunity in San Francisco

This temporary job sounds like tons of fun if you like marine critters and are in the Bay Area – and it’s PAID.

From an Aquarist at Steinhart Aquarium, Nancy Levine:
(If you are interested in the opportunity below, please contact Nancy Levine directly.)

We have been hiring some “as-needed” biologists to assist with the transition of our freshwater, herp and tropical collections, but have not found anyone to help with the temperate salt water collections (for which my small team and I are primarily responsible).  If you know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone, who is a hard worker and would be interested in helping us out, please forward them this email and/or my contact information.  This would be a PAID, part-time, temporary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.   The right person can work 20 hours/week, starting as soon as possible, and working through our opening date.  We are looking for people with interest in careers in aquatic biology (great resume builder!), and/or has experience with animal husbandry. Please let me know if you have any further questions.  There is no formal job description or job posting.  If I am able to find a qualified person, I will get them in touch with my boss to move forward.

Please reach out to anyone you might think of…looking forward to showing you all the new Cal Academy.

Thank you,
Nancy Levine

Aquatic Biologist, Steinhart Aquarium
California Academy of Sciences
phone (415) 379-5302
fax (415) 379-5705


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