In other news…

Octopied building by *FilthyLuker on deviantART

From Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets – Rick MacPherson live-blogs the Coral 11th International Coral Reef Symposium. Especially check out his entry on communication between journalists and scientists. (Not every scientist is lucky enough to have a live-in journalist that dispenses communication advice AND makes waffles.)

From the Beagle Project Blog – why is it so hard to raise funds for something as kickass as rebuilding the Beagle? Appropriately contrite, I just bought this fetching t-shirt.

From Echinoblog – is the TARDIS design inspired by the sea urchin? Why must Chris torment me by making me love the Doctor EVEN MORE?! I looooove yooooou David Tennant!!!!xoxoxoxoxo *ahem* Dr. Mah’s evidence indeed suggests a TARDIS-Echinoidea correlation.

From A Blog Around the Clock – BioRap!


2 Responses to In other news…

  1. ChrisM says:

    Its actually kind of interesting…in “Time Crash” Peter Davison refers to the desktop theme as “coral” which is of course..wrong.

    hmm…I probably should have included that in the blog..

  2. anna says:

    did that song mention president gee? like formerly of our fair brunonia?

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