Run, Scruffy, run! The lawnmower will run out of power eventually!

Dogs, small children, and outdoor kitties beware: The makers of the Roomba, iRobot, are working on a robot lawnmower. The Roomba, for those lacking in gadgeteer friends, is a robot vacuum cleaner. If R2D2 were squashed into a 6-inch- tall disc, you’d know what a Roomba looks like. Once activated, the Roomba drives itself around a room, vacuuming as it goes. When it hits a wall, or a chair, it will try to change course, or back up and set off in a  new direction. Supposedly, given time, it will vacuum the whole room. I have friends who love theirs, so I’m guess it’s actually pretty successful at sucking dirt. But the real fun is when you get some Roomba-pet interaction going on. As a rule, cats do NOT like vacuum cleaners, and self-propelled vacuum cleaners are simply more than their walnut-sized brains can handle. Oh the hissing I’ve seen! Oh the crazed attempts to chew the Roomba to bits! Good times all around.

Now imagine the same device, but bigger, and armed with blades spinning at high speed. Now you’ve got the iMower, which iRobot just filed a patent for, and you’ll understand why Scruffy had best put on his sprinting shoes. Well, maybe Scruffy better already have those shoes, since it turns out there are already a couple of automated lawn mowers: RoboMower, from an Israeli firm (pictured above) and LawnBott from Kyodo America. Who knew?

Addition: They also come in the solar powered variety. (Thanks Greg)

[Via Engadget and Robotstocknews]


5 Responses to Run, Scruffy, run! The lawnmower will run out of power eventually!

  1. Jul says:

    We just got a Scuba (floor-mopping iRobot; we used to have a Roomba but no longer have wall-to-wall carpet) and so far it’s pretty darn nifty. Plus it gets Scott excited about housecleaning!

  2. Martini-Corona says:

    You’ve seen this, right?

    Roomba Violates All Three Laws of Robotics

    Brought to you, perhaps, by Avram Davidson’s short story Or All the Seas with Oysters.

    While we’re at it (unrelated, but found during the same Google search):

    The Girls of Battlestar Galactica, in Leather, on Bikes

  3. J.P. says:

    On purpose I never ever wanted a lawn, why do all this investments and useless work because of the neighbours.
    If, I would buy a sheep in spring and sell it off at the beginning of winter.

  4. Eric Wolff says:

    Oy lawns. We live in San Diego, a desert, yet people have lawns. It makes no sense.

  5. Best Robot Vacuum says:

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