By the way, Firefox 3.0 flies

I downloaded the new Firefox last night. Truly, it is the fastest browser since…well, since Firefox 1.0. I timed it against the heaviest sites I use: ESPN, CNN, and Google Reader and it beat Firefox 2 and Safari by a mile. Since both of those beat Internet Explorer, at least on the Mac side, I think by the transitive property Firefox can claim superiority. I haven’t yet run across any of the functional improvements. Mostly seems to work the same, to me.

Oh, and the upgrade is really easy, too. I installed the new Firefox and it kept all my bookmarks, all my settings, and my cache. It’s early yet, but thumbs up so far.


3 Responses to By the way, Firefox 3.0 flies

  1. eric says:

    Pretty sweet isn’t it?
    Fastest and smoothest browser on all OS’s same experience on all three.

  2. Martini-Corona says:

    Um, except that I run Mac OS X v10.3.9 at work (which is ridiculously old) and won’t be getting v10.5 for another 2 weeks or so. So I downloaded the Mac version of FF3 — not realizing that it requires v10.4 minimum — crashed everything, had to delete it, and then spent a while finding a site to re-download FF (which I had overwritten). ARGH. But my Win XP machine at home is running like a charm. 😀

  3. kevin z says:

    Yep, loving it too! It looks more like Safari though, but the drop down address bar and tabs are nicer. I likey the little bookmark star in the address bar too.

    I haven’t decided if its faster than the beta version of safari though. You can test it out at Its pretty frikkin fast. I still use FF though because of all my bookmarks, history and settings.

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