Got depressing photos? Enter this contest!

SeaWeb and Project AWARE are sponsoring a Depressing Ocean Photo Contest. Ok, they’re calling it Conservation Photography, but depression is what they’re aiming for:

We challenge you to enter your most engaging environmental photos that illustrate the pressing marine issues and the solutions that aim to reverse the rapid decline of our ocean’s health. Beautiful wildlife imagery is abundant and often implies that our oceans are healthy. This contest is a unique opportunity for you to illuminate the challenges our ocean faces. Photo entries may depict environmental issues including, but not limited to: unsustainable fishing practices, pollution and debris, ocean dumping, oil spills, global warming and climate change, the effects of sea level rise, coastal development, endangered and threatened ecosystems.

Along with fame and fortune, they’re offering swanky prizes.

  • Seven nights accomodations at the Plaza Resort Bonaire with six days of unlimited shore diving for two, with Tuesday night beach BBQ and round-trip airport transfers a total package worth approximately US $1,700.
  • A $250 Gift Certificate to Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo.
  • A signed copy of “Wild Ocean” by authors Dr. Sylvia Earle and Wolcott Henry.
  • Carbon Offsets through NativeEnergy from your home and car for one year plus carbon offset for one round-trip air flight valued at US $192

OMG! Signed by Sylvia Earle! And a trip to Bonaire to see invasive tunicates coral!


3 Responses to Got depressing photos? Enter this contest!

  1. lunartalks says:

    Gah. Some people have clear water and charismatic megamarinefauna to photograph. We have muddy shallow seas with ugly flatfish. No way my soulful photos of tangles of fishing line on the beach are going to win those prizes. I suppose stuffing a cod in a coke bottle and snapping it would be cheating.

  2. I grew up near the North Atlantic (west side represent!) – according to one study, our beloved ocean has (at least on the Gulf of Maine side) the lowest invertebrate species diversity in the world. Yay. Nonetheless, if you can even FIND a cod to stick in a coke bottle, you might win a prize anyway. In 120 dives in the Gulf of Maine, I only ever saw one. And the stupid thing was stuck in a ghost lobster trap.

  3. eric says:

    If you do find the cod be sure to call the hotline with GPS location so they can go and get it!

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