The chicken and the egg

Did anyone else hatch baby chickens in preschool? I always thought the chicks, no matter how fluffy, had an evil gleam in their eye, and was kind of relieved when they were packed off to the farm. Relive those halcyon days with this photoseries on chicken development. Also check out the development of a Cecropia silkmoth from egg to caterpillar to full-fledged moth.

Via Boing Boing


4 Responses to The chicken and the egg

  1. wetlandstom says:

    In my schools we never grew anything that I remember. But when I was I college I had a job showing films to classes. I can still vividly recall one film I shows several times to nursing students and biology classes. It was called “Myocardial tissue cultures of embryonic chicks.” I can still picture today how those tissues started to flex as they developed. This all was in the 1960s back before video, etc.

  2. Oh, yeah, heart muscle cells are creepy – they beat even in isolation.

  3. mb says:

    very, very early in development, the chick embryo looks like a vagina :O

  4. Tonye Cole says:

    Tonye Cole

    The chicken and the egg | The Oyster’s Garter

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