Have a heart, part 2

Did my previous post on anatomically correct heart-shaped jewelry leave you unsatisfied? Fear not, dear reader. Here’s another lovely heart-shaped necklace, in still-beating red or formalin white. If you prefer brains or teeth or ribs, there’s a little something for you too.

Or if you are more into tech than bio-goo, you could make floppy disk earrings.

Via Boing Boing


3 Responses to Have a heart, part 2

  1. Riana says:

    Or try these cast baby teeth (among wishbones, seeds, etc.) made by an elementary school friend! http://www.alexiscanter.com/alexiscanter/jewelry6.html

  2. I rather like her coffee bean necklace. Mmmm…coffee…

  3. Where can I buy one of those heart necklaces? Just found this Jewellery website they have some lovely Thomas Sabo jewelry!

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