I never met a lol I didn’t like

I thought lolstats and lolthulhu were the pinnicle of lolosity. I was wrong, so very wrong. Behold my contribution to the lol-oshunz-conservashun meme. This is Killick, who is half of the official Oyster’s Garter feline support team. She’s a natural oshunz spokeskitty, being named after Capt. Aubrey’s grumpy steward in the Patrick O’Brian novels. (The original meaning of “killick” is a big rock used instead of a metal anchor. Killick the cat also strives to embody this spherical, heavy ideal.)

If this lolkillick doesn’t make any sense, read this.


9 Responses to I never met a lol I didn’t like

  1. Pepijn says:

    This is just a classic 🙂

    I’ve composed a list of these images on my site. Please let me know if you don’t want to have yours included… http://www.myfavouriteplaces.org/wl/pivot/entry.php?id=74

  2. Mark Powell says:

    Good one, now I’m going to go check out lolstats.

  3. lunartalks says:

    Which I have been a-waitin’ to find a LOLKillick this last half glass…a harduous duty.

  4. Eric Wolff says:

    When the cat is being naughty, we often yell out “Killick there!” Unfortunately, she is a cat, and does not speak English, not even when we use nautical terms and called her a scrub.

  5. lunartalks says:

    As an O’Brian-reading cat owner this comment thread could go on for a long time…

    Mine never does the cute-curling-up-in-the-sink thing, and being jet black it’s hard to get a decent pic. PS is an albino ratfish rare? I found one on the beach recently. It’s in my freezer.

  6. You have either out-referenced us or gone beyond our expertise, unless it is a rare spineless albino ratfish. Very cool, though!

  7. lunartalks says:

    No it has a spine (a poisonous one, I discovered after walking a mile swinging the thing by its tail) and as far as anyone can tell has no business washing up on northern English shores.

    Here y’go:

  8. Aaron says:

    That is a lot of cat and very little sink! It seems that you may need a little more than Drain-o for that clog!

  9. lunartalks: My fish-oriented officemate says that these guys are really common around the northern globe, and that yours was probably trawled up by a fisherman & discarded. Fetching pictures, though.

    Aaron: Be careful, or Killick will take her morning, afternoon, and evening naps on your pillow. 🙂

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