Jewelry to show your devotion to the elder gods

Jewelry cast from actual octopus tentacles. I’m not sure if these would please or anger Cthulhu – but they sure are fetching. If Kevin Z wore one of these AND the cnidarian skirt to his defense, surely no force, no matter how non-Euclidean, could resist him.

Via Boing Boing


8 Responses to Jewelry to show your devotion to the elder gods

  1. well after his recent brokeback bible foray, i couldn’t that’s for certain…

  2. Eric says:

    Hell, I’d make him a cephalopod themed indigo vest to go with them!

    Those are very cool though.

  3. kevin z says:


    Actually I do need to replace 2 wedding rings I lost. One is at the bottom of San Luis Reservoir in California. The other is somewhere in the softball field at Penn State.

    Nothing says “I Do” like a tentacle wrapped around your finger!

  4. Martini-Corona says:

    I wish you had said Mikey Z, not Kevin Z…

  5. ChrisM says:

    I am in awe that a marine biologist other than me knows the elder gods and who Cthulhu is!!

  6. Chris – I know! I’m always surprised that more marine biologists don’t want gills like the fish-people of Innsmouth.

  7. Greg says:

    “non-Euclidan” is not a viable adjective for forces. “non-Euclidean” describes metric on manifolds or, more loosely, geometries.

  8. The Elder Gods scorn your earthly maths. When Cthulhu tells Euclid to jump, Euclid jumps – and then Cthulhu eats him anyway.

    In other words, PPPBBBBBBTTTTTTT

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