Fusion Man flies with wings of his own making

I’m pretty sure G.I. Joe had one of these, but no one in real life. Way to go Yves Rossy !

Raise your hand if you want one! [Raises hand] The clip mentions that inventor Rossy plans on using his flying wing to cross the English Channel, and no doubt he has other such stunts in mind, but there’s no discussion of putting these things into mass production. All he needs is some kind of slingshot takeoff mechanism and we’re on our way to flying cars. Well, that and some kind of environmentally sound jet fuel. Maybe the algae people will get that going soon.


One Response to Fusion Man flies with wings of his own making

  1. Sakar says:

    Okay, you are awesome. I am niourootsly bad for backing out of things because I fear the worst will happen. But lately I have also been trying to just say screw it’ and show up anyway (sometimes with a bad attitude for a bit, but I show up nonetheless).I am glad you felt accomplished after your day. Sometimes I think it is helpful doing something that we think we can’t handle just to prove ourselves wrong. Then in the future we can use it as justification that we are able to do things we didn’t realize. This is especially helpful for me with all things food-related

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