San Diego sojourn

I’m back in the augmented bosom of southern California, at least for a grand total of one day before heading to New England for family events. In lieu of actual blogging:

  • Please enjoy enormous blue Australian earthworms from Zooillogix. Mess with them and they’ll put YOU on a fishhook.
  • For those of you interested in trash in the North Pacific Gyre, the Algalita Foundation is sailing a boat made out of trash to Hawaii. It’s like the Life of Pi with more trash and less maneating tiger.
  • Make your boobs bionic with a solar-powered bra. The energy can be used to a) keep those delicate lady parts warm; or b) charge your cellphone or ipod. The only catch is that the solar panel needs to be exposed to sunlight for a few hours a day – so unless sunbathing is a required part of your job, it’s not so useful. (But I have all these required surface intervals between dives! Could the bra charge my underwater drill or suction sampler? Sweet!)

And I’m going to a Dresden Dolls concert tonight! Brechtian punk cabaret and crossdressing and their new album! In honor of my return, this is their “Shores of California” video.


3 Responses to San Diego sojourn

  1. Andrew says:

    and that’s why god made escort agencies
    one life to live and mace and GHB

  2. Jim Lemire says:

    That Dresden Doll’s video is an outstanding re-interpretation of David Lee Roth’s ‘California Girls’!

  3. Jim Lemire says:

    I just watched both videos again – I think the Dresden Dolls might have a new fan – they’re brilliant. And their music’s pretty good too 🙂

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