Deuterostomes are Evil Overlords, protostomes are merely minions

The Great Invertebrate War seems to be trickling to an indeterminate end. Tunicate-lovers might enjoy JE Byrnes’ mighty salvo. Craig attempted to slander deuterostomes (echinoderm, tunicates, & all things with backbones) by labeling these magnificant creatures as the Invertebrate Axis of Evil (Or, in my interpretation, protostomes = Buffy, deuterostomes = Faith.). And the Circus of the Spineless, up on From Archaea to Zeaxanthol,  offered a snazzy echinoderm-centric roundup, including my rallying cry for tunicates, which is especially cool considering that I never entered it.

I’m pretty happy to be an advocate for the Evil Deuterostome Overlords, as long as I get the secret volcanic lair, the minions, and the attack-tunicates armed with laser beams. Besides, since I’ve read the Evil Overlord List, my plan for world domination will avoid the common pitfalls. There will be no elaborate torture mechanisms for encroaching protostomes (Rules #4 and 7) – they will simply be steamed and eaten in drawn butter.

Besides, Craig is right. A certain bipedal simian deterostome certainly seems to have achieved world domination. At least until the mighty protostome-deuterostome hybrid overlord Cthulhu (shown here in cake form) rises from R’lyeh and makes food or fish-servants of us all. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!


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