The American dream: a secret lair in VT and a giant robot in FL

Jaimie Mantzel is building a giant riding-robot. I really can’t do better than SI Rosenbaum’s (my friend from college!) excellent lede:

You’re living in the Vermont woods in a four-story dome you built yourself. Well, the third floor is really a trampoline. You’re not sure if that counts as a floor.

So you’re living in your dome, working on all your little robots — the one like a slug, and the one like a turtle, the one that swims and the one that climbs walls — and you decide it would be cool to have a giant robot, big enough to ride around in.

And because you’re Jaimie Mantzel, you know right away you can build it.

More info & videos of his giant robot progress on Mantzel’s webpage. His smaller robots, from slugs to spiders, are also awesome. And I admit to some dome envy – after all, his third floor is a trampoline.

If you still haven’t had enough robots, consider entering the Scifi Channel’s “Make A Cylon” contest. It will be judged by Number 6 and Boomer/Athena – played in real life by Tricia Helfer and Grace Park. Entries can be either classic toasters or “OMG! They look like us!” newer models.


5 Responses to The American dream: a secret lair in VT and a giant robot in FL

  1. Gila says:

    Oh–this guy sounds way cool. 🙂 Can’t wait to see his stylin’ giant robot.

    Hmmmmm… We could use a couple of those over here. Actually, as many hi-tech and math whiz Russians we have here, we should have fleets of them by now….

  2. Hey! Thats me! I think its funny to search myself once in a while. I never know what I’ll find! Oh, and my giant robot should be done pretty soon. I’m just taking a break to collect some funds. (I’m on a working adventure)

  3. Can’t wait to see the giant robot! If I come to VT, can I get a ride?

  4. Bennegirl says:

    what the hell :OOO!!!

  5. see here for the greatest minute hands anywhere

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